An Open Letter from our Founder

Every day I wake up and I am motivated to make Korrine Sky Intimates the best it can be. The lessons I have learnt in this journey have been astounding and I am continuing to learn and I genuinely just want our customers to be happy. I am so grateful at the amount of positive reviews we get and pictures we are sent from all of you on a daily basis.

Although Korrine Sky Intimates, is an independent brand we have managed to sell thousands and thousands of products, with the support of you guys. For that, I am very humbled and thankful.

Korrine Sky Intimates is my passion and my livelihood. I started Korrine Sky Intimates, out of my living room on my own with a ‘dollar and a dream’. We now have a very dedicated customer service team who work very hard every day to ensure your complaints and queries are dealt with in a timely manner. I strongly advice that if anyone has an inquiry to contact our customer service team because when messages are sent to my personal social media accounts, I will not see them and I do not wish for any of our customers to feel ignored.

I hear all of your feedback whether it be positive or constructive and I believe our customers, our team and myself share a common goal and that is for Korrine Sky Intimates to be the best it can be and deliver the service our customers deserve. We encourage our customers to have open dialogue with us to ensure we know which aspects of their shopping experience that they would like to be improved.

August is a very exciting month for us not only have put in measures based on your suggestions, but they are so many aspects of the business that we have improved and I am so excited to share this all with you.

I love you all for your endless support and apologise to anyone who has ever felt unhappy at the service they have received. I reassure you I am doing everything within my power to improve the quality of service.

With Love From

Korrine Sky
Founder and CEO of Korrine Sky Intimates

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