#ASKKORRINE: How I lost Weight

I posted this picture on Tuesday and everyone has been asking 'HOW?' and I wanted to share you guys, my health and fitness journey so far.

 Korrine Sky Intimates is a body positive brand and we embrace ALL women regardless of shape, size or colour.  Our aim really is to showcase women who are often forgotten by the media and traditional retailers. Health and fitness is also very subjective what may work for one woman, may not work for another but regardless you should love your body at whatever stage you are at. 

When I began my health and fitness journey it really was not for the purpose of losing weight per say, it was mainly to take better care of my body and just be an altogether healthier individual. That's why I never weighed myself or limited calories, I just wanted to change my lifestyle for the better. 

I initially went on a low carb diet and I would say it was very effective, I lost about a dress size in 6 weeks. I ate 3 meals everyday, cut out sugar, processed food and ate strictly meat and vegetables and fruits that are low in carbohydrates and only drank water or smoothies and green juices. The down side of low carb diets was I didn't feel full and I would be hungry shortly after I ate and sometimes I would have carb cravings.

So after 6 weeks I decided to try a plant based diet aka veganism. In a vegan diet you exclude all meat and animal products that includes dairy, honey and sugar. When I started the vegan diet and that's where I noticed changes in my actual shape. My waist was smaller, I was never bloated and I could actually see definition in my stomach. I love the plant based diet because it does not feel restrictive to me. I feel full after I eat, I'm full for longer and I have more energy. 

On top of the change in diet, I have Incorporated exercise, my schedule is not very forgiving so I don't have the time to go to the gym but I do work out from home. Doing exercise like running up and down the stairs, leg raises, sit ups etc mainly core based exercises and cardio.

Weightloss is achievable as long especially when you listen to your body and focus on health over weight or shape. 

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