Men : How to buy Lingerie for your Girl

You want to buy something special and intimate for that special woman in your life but you have no idea where to start. It's the first big test of any romantic relationship - and a hideous red thong could mean you'll be spending your nights alone.

Lingerie can be a beautiful way of celebrating your woman's physical form while making it clear just how much you (still) lust after her.

Before you rush out and buy that lace negligee with the crotch-less brief for your wife or girlfriend first ask yourself WHY you are buying it. Is this a purchase to please her or, ultimately, to please you? Although lingerie is a gift that can be shared make sure whatever you buy for your significant other is something that they will feel confident and beautiful in.

Know your woman

The first step in buying any thoughtful gift is paying attention to the likes and dislikes of the person receiving it. Recognizing her style and preferences is a must. Does she wear thongs or briefs? What kind of bra does she like - demi, push-up, complete coverage? 

Sizing is FUNDAMENTAL. Before going on a quest to buy your other half lingerie, do your homework. Make sure you take a sneak peak into her lingerie draw for and check her bra size, panties size and dress size. Our customer service team will be able to give you any extra help you need with that information.

Don't complicate things

Unless you are a lingerie connoisseur try to keep things as simple as possible. Although, corsets, garters and stockings may be very aesthetically pleasing they can also be very fiddly. Try to find styles that are comfortable for her but still sexy, especially if she does not wear lingerie regularly.

Present it in Style

A special present should look special. Handing your special lady a plastic bag with price tags ruins the fantasy. Here is a secret I am going to let you in on, we now offer gift wrapping at no extra cost just write in the note section of your order that you would like gift wrapping and if you would like a special message. 


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