Body Confidence : My Body , My Rules

"Oh! I see you have decided to wear clothes today"


"Even if you crop your face out of the picture, we all know that’s you"


"She is way too big to be wearing that, it does not suit her"


"Some of these trends should be left to skinny people, they can pull it off"


"What man would want to be with a woman that is always showing her body off on the internet"


"You wouldn’t think she is Zimbabwean dressed like that"


"Uyu ihure (she is clearly a prostitute)"


"Where is her mother?"


It is only right I start by introducing my body to you- I am 21, a size 12 -14 currently ,34DD Cup size and size 12-14 behind (after strict dieting and exercise). You see genetically I have wide hips. Science has it that my body was designed to survive famine and long winters. Post evolution and being born in an era of abundance and KFC of course, my hips and behind have earned me labels like thick, phat, fat etc. Which makes my relationship with food, body shape and body image a constant battle.

Now that you have made acquaintance with my body and all my struggles with it, let’s add the above comments to the mix. I live in a world of social media, video vixens, cultural identity etc. In order to survive the pressure that comes with all of it,  I needed to reflect on the soul that lives in my body. She is the one I have been on the journey to nourish. I can report to back to you- my soul is happy to inhabit this body.

You see I have found myself a comfortable balance between extrinsic and intrinsic perception of my body. This allows me to bare all if I want to, or cover up if I need to. My body is MY temple to adore and respect. I was bestowed it with this unique shape because it suits me, it suits my soul.

By Mercy
IG: chynageisha
Twitter: mercydabaddest

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