Presentation is Everything : Our New Packaging

When I started Korrine Sky Intimates, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and I knew how I wanted to make the customer feel. However, my dreams exceeded my budget. So I decided, I would make my dream a reality by any means necessary. So I bootstrapped.

Bootstrapping is a term used for a start up with minimal financial resources. I basically set myself the challenge of how I was going to start the business of my dreams with very little money. I created my website myself, designed the logo myself, modeled myself, took the photographs in my sister's bedroom and began on a very hard yet very rewarding journey to make this dream a reality.  

I feel a very strong personal connection to our customers  because they helped me realize my dream. I have always wanted Korrine Sky Intimates to be an experience for them, I want us to make everyone feel special and to feel like their a VIP.

As we started from very humble beginnings I have always aspired to some day reward our customers for being so loyal and believing in my dream by showing visible and tangible improvements. We have been in the process of a rebrand for the past few months, tweaking and changing different aspects of the customers experience. One of these aspects is PACKAGING. 

I am so proud of our new packaging, which was designed with you guys in mind. Your orders will now come in either a little pink box or wrapped in pink tissue with a hand written note. 

 I hope you guys enjoy our new packaging and love as much as we do. 

 Written By,

Korrine Sky Founder of Korrine Sky Intimates

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