The Mythical Tale of Gender Equality

I love to see a girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass” – Maya Angelou

Or in the Korrine Sky intimate way, grab the world by the suspenders!

Whether you have experienced sexism first hand or have seen someone go through a sexist ordeal, no one can deny that women in society have been facing an ongoing battle in trying to achieve equality.

So what can us GIRLS do to stop feeding this social stigma?
Firstly look at what you’re saying. ‘I get along with men because they are less bitchy’ or ‘you do this well FOR a girl’ or ‘girls are too emotional’. These statements, though may seem harmless, only feed the ideas of inequality ingrained into our minds. So make a conscious effort to not stereotype and you have your start to promoting gender equality.
Address it. Don’t brush it off or run away from it. If it’s something you don’t like, say it. Chances are, if that person is going to be around you often, they will know that it’s something you do not permit and they will consciously make a habit of not saying it around you and eventually not say it at all.

BUT, don’t think it’s down to just us girls. Guys have mothers, sisters, daughters, and female family members, would they ever tolerate a man degrading them? So why should other females go through it? Think about the bigger picture. This is what we forget. We are so engrossed on what is close that we dismiss others and the consequences of our actions.

As well as demeaning women, objectifying the woman’s body is also a big issue in society. If a woman wants to bare all she can and if a woman wants to cover all she can. Neither give reason for a woman to be treated differently and neither determines the level of respect deserved.

The lingerie at Korrine Sky Intimates varies, from briefs and full coverage cups to a couple of straps around the bust. The pieces are not specifically aimed for a woman to please her partner, (however we also love when it is). We intend to satisfy our customers whether it is for themselves or for their person of interest, lingerie can make any woman feel beautiful.

The bigger the better? Or great things come in small packages?
BOTH. At Korrine Sky Intimates we are all for body positivity. Many mistake this for promoting unhealthy lifestyles but it could not be further from the truth. Body positivity is about encouraging people to adopt more forgiving and realistic attitudes towards their bodies, helping them love themselves from within and to accept what they have with the goal of improving overall health and well-being.

So, what I mean is, sexism is real, is an ongoing problem, and will carry on being one until we start addressing it and changing our behaviour towards it. Respect peoples decisions that they make with their OWN bodies and eliminate toxic ideals that promote inequality.

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